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Clogged sink, toilet, tub and shower drains are some of the drain cleaning services that All Tech Mechanical Ltd.  contractors are are equipped to repair. The following are the drain cleaning services All Tech Mechanical Ltd. is offering:


Drain Video Inspection

    Drain and Water Pipe Repair        


- Drain and Water Pipe Repair

All Tech Mechanical Ltd. can eliminate any stoppage in your plumbing system.

Your house toilet is backed up or the sink is overflowing and you have guests arriving soon – no worries, one call to All Tech Mechanical and leave your worries with our licensed plumbers.You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll locate the clog and we have the tools and knowledge to fix it. All Tech Mechanical Ltd. offers fast and reliable sewer and water pipes repairs.

All Tech Mechanical Ltd. specializes in drain snaking, drain repair, drain services and drain odors.


- Drain Video Inspection

All Tech Mechanical Ltd. tries to identify the pipe clog location using modern technology such as Drain TV Camera Inspection.

This important tool helps diagnose the problem without spending additional time and unnecessary work and allows to fix the drain problem fast and accurate.
TV video inspection helps identify the location of the problem, view and record in real time the condition of the sewer line or pipe and it’s safe to use on all pipes.Drain TV camera inspection is the best way to avoid mistakes in identifying the drain problem and it saves repair time.